Our Approach

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

The library Manyatta project

A manyatta is a traditional hut famous among the masaai tribe of Kenya built using locally available materials like cow dung, mud and ropes from the sisal plant and other trees. 

Our library is in form of a manyatta ,built in the heart of a small village in west pokot county called ‘Lokna’.It has two residential bedrooms for the project team and volunteers and a library space at the center of it. The project team spends most of their time there so as to make most out of the project

 We chose to go with a manyatta because we wanted something that the locals would associate with as it is part of  the Pokot culture and community.Most modern buildings are always associated with politics a path we do not want to take.

And at Color My Dreams Africa we take climate action and the sustainable development goals very seriously and that’s why we did not use cement for our Manyatta as today around 7% of global GHG emissions come from cement.We all need to drive demand for green cement.


Book drive campaign/volunteer

We want to organize book drives to get story books for the library and volunteer recruitment.Our approach is to mobilize volunteers both locally, national and international, young and old to organize book drives and help collect books to distribute to the rural areas.Recruiting different volunteers in different parts of the country to help with the campaign.To those outside will ship the books after completion of their book drives.

 Through these book drives we will be creating opportunities for young people to sharpen their leadership skills while making a difference and giving back to the community.

Mobile Library/book

 Since we only have one library and that cannot cater or reach out to the nearby villages we have mobile library services on weekends by moving from one village to the other carrying story books and mats which upon arrival in the host community we create outdoor reading hubs there, where an average of 100 children and teenagers  gather around to read books and take part in other fun activities.

The Human Library

Another interesting thing is the introduction of ‘The Human Library’ concept.Just like borrowing a book to read now imagine borrowing a person as a book.The whole idea behind this is girls in these areas are more disadvantaged than boys.In the Pokot community women are mostly looked down upon and they are pron to Female Genital Mutilation,forced marriages and teenage pregnancies.With the Human library we want to engage parents and local leaders who’se influence on the community is crucial.To engage in gender sensitization sessions and to create a safe space where such discussions can be discussed.

Spelling bee competition/Educational

If you grew up watching the 2006 movie,Akeelah and the bee then you would understand how important this activity is.The movie is about an 11 year old girl who discovers her talent for spelling and even with her mum being against it she did not give up on her goals.And with the overwhelming support she got from her community she was able to make her dream come true.

We want to introduce the same for our children so they can learn how to spell.The competition will be held every two weeks.With the help of chiefs,parents,teachers and students we will hold competitions between schools,villages boys and girls.There will be prices for the winners and all participants.An educational trip, trophies, reading and learning materials and so much more.This is to encourage them and others to participate more and by doing that we will be instilling important skills in them.


Every Saturday when the children are not in school we will be screening movies and documentaries at the Manyatta.Not just the children but the whole community at large.

They are informative resources and create space for dialogue.A chance to come together with friends and families to understand and connect with a world different from theirs.