HQ-Paves Tower, Kapenguria
HQ-Paves Tower, Kapenguria
Email: info@colomydreamsafrica.org
Telephone: +254 796 629 893

About Us

About Color My Dreams Africa

We are a passionate team of educators, community leaders, and volunteers dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Pokot children. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty and marginalization.

Your generous donation will help us provide books, educational resources, and essential programs to Pokot children. Every dollar makes a difference!

Our Purpose

We take education and opportunity directly to the most disadvantaged children in the remote villages of West Pokot County. We bring them the world and their dreams a little bit closer, transporting them to different worlds through books and ensuring they have the resources and tools they need to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We are a grassroots organization with a mission of promoting literacy and gender equality through education in rural Pokot County. We ensure every disadvantaged child has access to books, information, and the tools they need to reach their full potential.


We envision a future where every Pokot child has access to quality education, where girls and boys have equal opportunities, and where communities thrive through empowered individuals.


To reach every child in need within West Pokot County, providing them with the resources and support they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

We are always looking for passionate individuals and organizations to join our mission. Lend your skills, time, or resources to help us create a brighter future for Pokot children.

Our Founder

Born and raised in a small village called Sinenden in West Pokot County, our founder learned her first English word, “home,” while looking after cattle in the grazing fields. A movie about Central Park sparked a dream of America that she finally lived out as a 2023 CEE fellow. Her journey inspires us to keep fighting for every child’s right to dream and achieve.

Our Focus


We promote literacy through mobile libraries, reading programs, and educational resources.

Gender Equality

We empower girls through education, mentorship programs, and workshops aimed at ending FGM and forced marriages.

Community Development

We work alongside communities to create sustainable solutions and empower them to advocate for their children’s rights.

Core Values


We believe in empowering children and communities to reach their full potential.


We advocate for equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender or background.


We believe education is the key to unlocking potential and creating positive change.


We strive for sustainable solutions that benefit children and communities in the long term.